"God Answered 'Equality'" The latest book from Betty C. Dudney

“Love this book! Most people think about the things they want to do but never do them. Her determination on her quest is admirable. The world needs awakening. Bettty is nudging us to open our eyes and see."
Nancey O.

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Hey, My name is Betty

Since 1985 I have advocated for equality under the last three Popes during multiple trips to Rome. This advocacy aimed to end discrimination in the Church and recognize the female aspect of God's image. Later, I spent seven months in the Holy Land studying the original meanings of God, which have been translated into patriarchal languages like English as merely "Father." In Hebrew and Aramaic, the languages used during Jesus' time, "ABBA" translates to "Heavenly Parent," encompassing both the Father and Mother Nature of God.
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