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People’s Rights over Corporate Interest
Only by turning to God’s Supernatural Strength and Love, can we have the
strength to reject, and refuse to work for the present corporate empire Beast,
that plunders our land and oceans, poisons and exploits the people.
Even now controlling many governments, much of the media, that influences
morality, primarily from their practice of inequality.
Beliefs come from people’s religions. Rome, which controls the beliefs of the
largest number of Christians, still discriminates against the female half of God’s
people, setting an example to others, who can then easily rationalize their own
inequality, and who now have control of much of the worlds money and resources.
Corporate profit interest, instead of people’s interest, have already forced over half
of the worlds population into a diet of starvation, of one meal or less a day.
25,000 of our worlds Children starve to death each day now, according to the U.N.
Health figures, and millions more go to bed hungry.
This is why God is asking many to witness to our religions, by fasting and praying for
God’s morality of equal justice, equal rights, equal opportunity, that should be flowing
from our institutions as well as from our hearts, to care equally for all people!
Please join by fasting at least one meal a day. Pray for God’s equal love for all, to be in
your heart. Show this in your actions by helping others, as well as yourself.