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According to 2005 U.N. statistics about 29,000 children will starve to death, just today. * Yesterday there were that many too, and tomorrow there will be many more, If  we don’t do something. Do what we can to end conflict and war.   If we don’t find a way to turn our weapons into plowshares, before some crazy pushes the button that will send clouds of radiation into jetstreams around the world! Plumbering us into another 500  or more years of “The Dark Ages”!  The most Biblical allotted time of evil, according to Revelations 12-13. – Give Free Food Here; Sign up for daily reminder

* There were 24,000 each day in the year 2000 according to U.N. Children’s quotes. and of course millions more go to bed hungry. Did you know the cost of,  just one,  of our thousands of missiles, would feed these children for a year! – Christian Biblical Equality Organization –  Institute For Non-Violence – “Where Angels Walk” – Website Builders
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