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Prophecy- What is Prophetice Writing

What is Prophetic Writing?

Is it volumes of word-by-word dictation?
Very doubtful, as this would require you to open up your spirit to what ever spirit happened to be around.
The spirit of negative-ness is the opposite of positive-ness
can appear for a time like an Angel of Light, being much more deceitful than the more innocent human mind.
That is why Séances are not a place to meet The Holy Spirit of God.
Did The Holy Spirit direct me to write this?
Partly, and partly most of the words come from my own logic and what I have trusted others to teach me. Anything else I have held suspect, since the age of reason, usually for most of us around seven.
Most of the words here, where not specifically God inspired, the only word The Holy Spirit has ever given me beyond any doubt is the single word of “Equality”.
That includes Equal Rights, Equal Respect, Equal Concern or The Universal Golden Rule, of treating others with equal concern, as you would most want to be treated.
Those words from others, who spoke with God were confirmed as being like “Equality”.
They too will be disputed by the Spirit of negative-ness as not practical, as not from a Biblical God, but when you look at the Biblical definitions of God you find that God is “not a god of partiality. A God of equity, Mercy, Justice, Loving, for when we Love, we live in God and God lives in us. One of the closest Disciples of Jesus, St. John tells us, in his first letter 4:16.
No way can you have partiality, inequity, or any other of those good things like a Holy Love, and have anything but “Equality” instead of inequality!
So most of these words I take responsibility for, some did come from others much wiser than myself.
All of them came from one God Inspired, not from just one culture or kind of conditioning but from all I could learn about, test out, to know the most perfect, most loving for all, just not for myself, or those like myself. A God worthy to worship and follow. B.