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Universal or Catholic Christian

Can’t help but wonder where one’s head and heart is, if claiming to be a Catholic, which means Universal Christian, in not believing in Equal Opportunity, for the female half of God’s Image.

Perhaps they believe or have been taught it was a male only God who created all life in this vast Universe, and females are only to be maids or means of reproduction.
It is easy to have that impression when you live all your life under the powers of our male centered language and culture.

I have come to understand God, as The Spirit of Holy Love, who transcends both sex or race.

Christ chose to come to earth as a human male, as the only way of being heard by many, as females at that time, were not even allowed to even go into the Synagogues, and still are not in some, let alone preach there, on pain of being stoned to death.

It was Jesus who chose as a woman, a long time Disciple and loyal follower, Mary Magdalene, to be the Apostle to the other Apostles, to be the first to announce the “Good News” that is unique to Christianity, the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior.
Our greatest hope of eternal life, after this short span.

Now women, who feel, in their life, a Call of God to preach this Good News and serve at the Lords Table (Altar), are being blocked, at the least, by a fear of change.

The long hard struggle of the Civil Rights movement that ended legal slavery and discrimination, then finally the rights of the female half to vote, only since 1921, in America, after many thousands of years of repression of female rights, is still ongoing.

Many have come to see the female half of God’s Image in a different light. It is my hope and prayer and surely is God’s Will at this time, according to Vatican II,*1, Our last World Council of Christians, way back in 1965, that there should be “an end to discrimination within The Church, as not God’s Will”.

*1 Pastoral Constitution articles 29 + others in Vatican II