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Repetition and Change

Repetition and Change
Repetition and Change
Repetition and Change, this we can be sure of.

Repetition comes easy to us. Change does not.
It is not easy, especially for those who prefer Inequality, Selfishness, and the Control of others, instead of treating them as equal human beings.

To me God is the Spiritual source of all Matter. A Spirit of Perfect Love, who is not male only, but has female qualities as well. Humans themselves we know have both female as well as male qualities that varies one from the other. Each one unique like no other.

Scriptures tell us humans are created both male and female in the Image of God, who is “not a god of partiality”. Yet our history was written and interpreted primarily by males in control for the past 5000 years, mostly for their benefit. We have allowed this to continue because violence and force has been used to keep the “power of the people” under male control.

A non-violent revolution to treat others more fairly has been going on, at least since Jesus came, who sent Mary Magdalene, after his death and resurrection from the dead, to be the first Apostle to announce “The Good News” to the other Apostles.

They were to teach all people to put this Spirit of Holy Love into their hearts and
to Love One Another, as we love ourselves, even our enemies.

“What you do to the least of these, you do to me”, Jesus taught to those who seek eternal life.