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Who Am I

I am a convert since 1975, with the hope of Vatican II, to lead us to more of the Fullness of Truth, as The Church has, after each Council, since the Beginning of The Church. The Church is Holy founded by Jesus, but the people within are only occasionally Holy. Only God is all the time Holy, so don’t confuse man with being God.

Truth, such as our number one priority now to end inequality, that can be shown to be our greatest need, first within The Church, from where God’s Morality flows out into the world, that is now steeped in economic as well as political inequality.

This is the message from God’s Hand, The Holy Spirit has given me, a Woman, a Mother, but a nobody in the eyes of the world, to confront those who would increase, or maintain the status quo of our inequality, not only in The Chuch but in our world.

Any change for the better must start first within The Church, that is why God urges me to continue to work here.

You need to do what you can, where ever you are, after first confirming within your own conscience or God’s Holy Spirit. If you have never asked God’s Holy Spirit to come into your heart this is a good time, for it is the only way to find the fullness of Truth for you at this time in eternity, Truth that is God and beyond human knowledge, because of our being limited, while in this finite body, but within each human is a soul, given to you at birth, if not before, that is like your Spirit, but is not limited to your fleshly life, that you can communicate with, The God Within You, as well as Without.

The Peace of that God be with you.