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“Equal in Dignity”

“All humans are equal in dignity, but not all are called to the same service.”

That may be true, except the one who calls is God, not humans.

Humans within The Church do determine whether the call is genuine, but should not be discriminating on the basis of one’s race or sex, according to The Holy Spirit within myself and many others, and according to Vatican II, which says it is not the Will of God to discriminate because of race or sex… Articles 29+, Pastoral Constitution, Vatican II. 1965

Also the use of the words “equal dignity” in the above statement has to do with worthiness or women’s self respect. Without equal rights, can’t have much for ourselves or expect to get much real respect from males, which is part of the problem!
What is right is seen or valued primarily from the male side that tends to create the imbalance of injustices!

Inequality affects not only women, but also the poor of the world, who are suffering more than ever from the belief and practice of economic inequality, for it is just not about women’s rights but the rights or boundaries of the equal rights of all.

This is what has to be addressed at this time in history, before we all become slaves of the 1% as they too suffer from these effects, especially within their souls.