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Christmas in January 2012

Today is the last day of Christmas, in January 2012.

We celebrate specially on this day the Baptism of Jesus, by both water and The Holy Spirit, as Jesus said The Spirit of God came down as a Dove from Heaven, signaling God’s Grace upon his beginning Ministry.

Let us remember we too, those who consider themselves Disciples of Christ, are filled with The Holy Spirit at our Baptism and Confirmation, as we chose to follow God’s Will, rather than our own, more selfish and less “Knowing”, human Will, in this lifetime.

Todays reading found in Acts 10:34, makes it very clear in God there is no partiality, and that we are no longer to show partiality. For not being partial is the ending of inequality, allowing us to fulfil the final covenant God has written into our hearts, to “Love One Another”, “Even your enemies”.

St. Peter spoke to the crowd saying, “Truely, I realize that God does not show partiality”.
“In all nations he listen to everyone who fears God and does good.”

It doesn’t mean that we are all the same, for we are each unique, special in our own way, but it does mean, that one person’s life is as valuable as another.
We are not to devalue someone because we seem to have more than another. What one may lack materially, they may have a talent in some other area. There can be no cause to discriminate against someone, because of their sex anymore, than because of their race.

All the partiality we see in the history of the Old Testatment, was done in God’s Name to justify their own primative ways of perceiving God, as a Patriarch, like themselves.

Likewise many today fail to honor the Feminine Aspect of God, found in many areas of women’s intutition and wisdom, so badly needed in stopping the continual aggressions found in male only patrarchal control. Plus the need to balance the economic inequality in our world, which cannot be balanced until women’s equality is recognized, by the so called moral authorities.

Ever day that such inequality and partiality is allowed to remain, especially within The Church, from, as Catholics, we believe God’s morality should be the first to flow from, is another day of death for as many as 24,000 children, while millions more will continue to go to bed hungry each night.

Such gross economic inequality, that forces so many children, lucky enough to survive past 5 years of age, are then put to work instead of school, even in elementry grades, causing most of the children to remain illiterate, because the Parents average wage is less than $2.00 a day, and not a living wage for a family, is now a fact for over half our worlds population.

Those 1% in control of our worlds economics, control the price of wages and income, wherever they locate their Giant Corporate Companies, whose only morality is profit, so they can feel justified in paying the lowest possible wages. They will continue to, as long as the morality of The Church continues the inequality and discrimination of the female half of God’s Image, that is at least half the people in the world.

A world God Created for the people, not for only the few to profit from, now less than 1%, but equally for all, to be Blessed by.

Will we work for that Blessing or continue to be cursed by it?