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Finding Common Ground

We must find common ground and this is what I see in talking about our beliefs. Expressing how we feel, in areas of mutual interest, looking how to solve our many problems, so we all grow in Spirit and in Wisdom.

Found this in one of our Popes speeches. Hope we can all agree on this in this first week of Advent. Am going to try to do that more. Hope you will too.

“The Holy Father Pope Benedict XV, in a message he gave recently to the Holy Land Archeological Institute said:
“Today too the Church, if she wishes to speak to the world effectively, if she wishes to continue faithfully announcing the Gospel, … must bear witness to the credibility of the faith, even in those areas which seem most intransigent or indifferent. In other words, she must offer concrete prophetic witness through effective and transparent signs of coherence, faithfulness and passionate and unconditional love for Christ, not without authentic charity and love for others. Today as yesterday, the blood of the martyrs and their eloquent witness touches the hearts of men and women, making them fruitful, … open to accepting the life of Christ and to bringing resurrection and hope to the surrounding world”.”

Especially important it seems is this last sentence of our need to bring resurrection and hope to our world, through allowing The Divine Christ within us help share with others the hope of a better world.

May the Peace of Christ Be with us.