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We in America celebrated a Day of Thanksgiving. We are starting a day of Advent. Waiting, for enough of us, maybe all of us, (could take another 500 or more years that seems from what has been happening in my world) for The Lord of All To Come.

Judgement has been ordained by Prophecy from a vision of St. John and Daniel, and confirmed in my heart by the whisperers in my heart, of The Holy Spirit. Some destined to be lost? No matter what we do? but we are commanded to do it, “go out into all the world” starting in your own family, and extending outward to try to reach the most stubborn and cold of hearts into being open enough to enter, with us all 99% +1%, into this next four weeks of Advent.
The Purple candle lit today, the 1st of the next 4 Sundays, represent in our homes and/or hearts, in places of worship, at least one day a week, the coming of our Lord again,
Maybe just as a baby, in some hearts, up to the full body and Christ of Our Lord in Eucharist, in some, and all in-between.

It has been given to me that this can and for most, will be the Merriest Christmas yet, because of this special season of Advent. It is my prayer it is to you who read this, God has brought you here or you’ve been forced to read it, but there are few accidents. We seek Unity in God and Christ, and are led By God’s Holy Spirit.

Either way we give Thanksgiving and Gratitude, if for nothing else than this breath, and the coming one, not being assured of any more for us, as individuals .

Praise God, Now and Forever, for what we and you do have!

Your friend in Christ,

Betty C.