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Being a Catholic for about 40 years, a convert in my 30’s, by God’s will, as had been raised a Christian since my Mother’s womb.

Have come to love Mary, the Mother of Jesus, and look at her as a great Mother role model, both males and females would like to have had, and can have now.

Also have a close relationship with the Feminine aspect of God. Many lay Catholics only know Mary as “The Queen of Heaven”, she is called within The Church.
Many have never known, or do not recognize, the feminine God Head, and are only told about the male aspects of God. Part of the reason we have so much inequality in our world.

God’s Will sent me to Rome for 3 months, to try and correct this, to Witness, Fast and Pray for an end to inequality, especially within The Church from where God’s morality should be flowing from.

Will not be able to return till Spring again, as non-Italian citizens are only allowed to be in Italy legally for 3 months, unless they are going to school or have a paying job there. 3 months is the most I feel is possible for me to do anyway, even though I was not totally fasting, steal eating one meal a day, in solidarity with the 50% of the people in our world who are in the process of starvation with one or less meals a day. Their average salary is $2.00 value in our money, or less, for a days work.
Causing 7 out of 10 of all children now, to neither be able to learn to read or write, for instead of school they must start earning their own food by 6-7 years old and many younger. Forging in city dumps, in workshops, as maids, sex objects, etc. you name it, you can get a child to do it for cheap.

They grow up, if they grow up, with parents many who were put in the same situation.
So their situation is dire, and that inequality is to me, even more important than the equal rights of women, but they go hand in hand.

Inequality God has shown me in so many ways is our greatest evil, the belief and acting or supporting it, and is seemingly our number one priority now, to see that everyone has at least two meals a day.
( Just try living on one meal a day, for even three months and you’ll understand what I mean).
Everyone deserves a bed to sleep in, basic medical care, and a chance to go to school to as far as their talents and abilities will take them. Can you imagine the decrease in the crime rate?

This is only possible with an end to the belief in inequality within The Church and those who control our world.
It seems unlikely to me to happen till there are enough people who can see it and demand it by refusing to vote for leaders who won’t give us equal fairness, and where you can’t vote, refuse to financially support such systems that perpetuate inequality.

People in this country and Europe, who could more easily do something about it, have and still are keep pretty much ignorant of such inequality, or it is downplayed, and seen as hopeless. The 1% who own the deciding shares on most of our media outlets, make sure the news is slanted or …… So you hear little about it.

The 1% who control such wages want to force most of us to not make much more than that $2.00 a day, after they starve off a few more billion, and put those left in that same position.

God is not going to allow it. Prophecy in Rev. tells us no more than a third will be destroyed in any such plot.
We are at that point in numbers, and that is why the 99% movement, has started on its own, and is happening all over the world, in most cities of any size.

I have been working with a Peace Vigil for over 10 years and before Iraq even started, as it was obvious we were going to go there.
Our reception from the public driving by, is luke warm even now, but over the years has grown.
A few people respond with Peace signs as they drive by, some even join us, or honk. Most tty not to even look.

But from the first day of the 99% demonstration in our very conservative town, that is less than a million, but more than 100,000 the response has been overwhelming.

Mostly originally people here migrated from the South, who came looking for decent paying jobs in the dangerous oilfields, but there are many big farmers and farm workers too.

From the first morning of the OCCUPY 99% group, from 10am-10pm at our Federal Building Liberty Bell, I could hardly believe the honking and Peace signs and Yeah, Right On, responses we received, for only about 20 of us!
Last night two weeks later, (I was on vacation for 10 days), it has grown to 105 counted,while I was there.
People come and go as they can. They have also shortened the hours from 4-8pm, on every day but Sunday, when there is no grouping.

Find a OCCUPY Group you can participate in, in any way you have a talent. Look for progressive leaders and encourage them to run for local offices and encourage them.
Be a Brother or Sister in Christ especially to them, as well as to all who need your help.