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Non-partiality of our God, “Equality”

“The demons cunningly withdraw for a time in the hope that we will cease
to guard our heart, thinking we have now attained peace; then they suddenly
attack our unhappy soul and seize it like a sparrow. Gaining possession of it,
they drag it down mercilessly into all kids of sin, worse than those which we
have already committed and for which we have asked forgiveness.
Let us stand, therefore, with fear of God, and keep guard over our heart, practicing the
virtues which check the wickedness of our enemies.”

Isaiah the Solitary, On Guarding the Intellect
Philokalia, Volume 1″

The dangers of not daily, praying the greatest of virtues for a Godly life,
such as hope, faith, charity, humility, patience, perseverance,
prudence, fortitude, obedience, purity or chastity.

Whenever any of us be in positions of authority, at work, or at home,
we soon find ourselves playing partiality to, our by nature, limited point of view and not
considering others equally, to reach the most Godly view.

Praise God we are not gods, while here.
For humans have such a tendency to Lord it over others.
Our hope is in going towards a more democratic world, where the whole is considered more by consensus,
and not by a faulty by nature hierarchy.

This was as it was, the first 300 years, in the early Church, before the power of the Empire Rome
condensed all authority into a Roman male only, run church.

We have suffered from inequality and partiality as Christians, especially the female half of God’s Image, and so also influenced our world, by our example, ever since!

Romans 2:11 “There is no partiality with God” or “one is not different from the other before God.”
My own Paraphrase from I John 3:2 Beloved, we are God’s children, and what we shall be has not yet been shown. But we can know we shall be like whoever we claim as Lord, when we see the fullness of Truth, and God as God is.

We must be so very careful with authority, in ourselves when we act with sole authority, or in others who hold authority over us. They can so easily be wrong, as they can be right, even those with “superior” reasons or “logic” which can be little to nothing, when you don’t have all the X factors, that humans can not have while in our limited human forms of perceptions.

Jesus said they are too often concerned with the outside and not the deeper layers inside.
for power over others, has this terrible propensity to corrupt, and absolute power is known to almost always absolutely corrupt.

Especially be careful when we are always being looked up to, and ourselves looking down on others.
But when that happens too much we are already in negative’s clutches and rarely can see the whole of Holy Spirit Truth.

Let us pray for ourselves and others, in positions of authority.
Work towards as much democracy as possible, for all of our souls sake,
to break the bonds of satan’s greedy clutches, we fall into, without all the Godly virtues.