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Dear Friend of Christ

Dear Friend In Christ,

It doesn’t take an expert to realize you can be conditioned to think wrong is right, or right is wrong, in most anything, look at how 90% of people in any culture believe what they were taught about “their” understanding of God, or the numerous religions, held by different countries of the world or areas.

Our traditions are Patriarchal, whether you want to see it or not, made by males, enforced by males, written only by males, and right now the only people, males or females who think males are gods, instead of God is God are the ones who can’t “see” that.

God is The Spirit of Love, that equally can be in either male or female.

Yes, Jesus came to earth incarnated into a male body, for at that time impossible to incarnate otherwise to be able to reach and preach in public, for women were so much in slavery at the time, they were not allowed to talk to a male outside their house, or in it for that matter, without permission, on pain of death. Christianity offered them equality, and one reason it spread so fast, especially among the women, slaves, and the disenfranchised of the world at that time, to the point where they were more than willing to die for their faith, knowing they were going to a better place, to a God who loved them equally, even promised the last would be first.

The women at that time in Israel, where Jesus chose to come, could not go into the synagogues to preach, had to stay in the outer courts of the Temple, with the slaves and Foreigners. Women only got the right not to be a man’s piece of property here in America, in 1921. When we got the right to vote, and still some women in the world do not have that right.

But as Christ, Jesus was not a mere human, Jesus was God in normal human flesh or appearance, but as God, Christ is neither male or female, Greek or Jew, but one with God who is LOVE, Perfect Love, A Spirit, The Spirit of LOVE. Who created us both, female, as well as male, in the Image of God, according to the 1st and 3rd known Creation story in the Book of Beginnings, (=Genesis) written AT least several thousand years after its happening, and the stories passed down by campfires, over the centuries.
First written down on scrolls by the scribes finally during 1000-500 BC.

The Priestly or official version, is the first story that starts with the 1st. chapter and stops, with a ~ sign, in any good version of Genesis, at chapter 2:3. The third version starts at 5:1 and starts by repeating that God created both male and female in The Image of God.

The devil loves people to be in slavery, to be divided, and to be at war to destroy each other, to treat each other as unequal as possible.
You are either going to help him or you choose to help God. Your free will choice, whether you are conscious of it or not, thats why you will be judged whether you were culpable and knew this or not.

Now you know the rest of that story!

Your sister in Christ,